The Crate Collection

The Crate Collection


The Toothbrush, The Toothpaste
The Mouthwash & The Stand.



We know your smile is your greatest accessory.
That’s why our toothbrush has been beautifully
built to achieve a blend of timeless simplicity and
pure functionality to help you keep your smile
in tip-top condition.

Let’s Be Honest.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some
of our lovely customers have to say about our products…

Jasper Lee
London, UK
23 Years Old

Jasper LeeGreat Design, Comfortable &

is the only completely plastic-free toothbrush I have found. If your priority is to completely avoid plastic, this could be the toothbrush for you. And I love the packaging. It feels really raw and natural, yet modern…


Juani Sanantano
Jurong, Singapore
26 Years Old

Juani SanantanoNice Natural Toothbrush

Handle fits nicely in the hand and easy to maneuver. Note the bristles are nylon for those it matters to. I didn’t mind though. Even the packaging is recyclable.